Maxxine Dupri Says Learning From Alpha Academy Will Make Her Dangerous

Maxxine Dupri says learning from Alpha Academy will make her dangerous.

In recent months, Maxxine Dupri has taken a liking to Otis and is now being “trained” by Chad Gable in the ring. This has lead to her showing off her skills on Monday’s RAW, hitting an Arm Drag on Valhalla while Gable wrestled Erik of The Viking Raiders.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, Maxxine was asked to describe what Gable and Otis have thought her.

“So much. I mean first of all, I think this is giving me a really cool inside look into technical wrestling, and I think it’s, in the long run, going to make me so dangerous in the ring. So I’m really just absorbing every single thing they teach me. On top of that, working with them, getting to do promos, backstages, just getting to pick their brains on things, even just being backstage, I really feel like they have a really great approach to everything they do, and I just like to take notes. I just feel like in this business, there are so many personalities, so many talented people, and it’s like, okay, I like what that person’s does, I can take a note from that. I like that, I can take a note from that. So when I’m with them, I just try to absorb everything they do and how they handle situations, how they deliver things and how they plan things. I like to see that and really be observant of everything so when my time comes, I’m ready,”

“I am really excited for when the time comes for me to really enter the women’s division. I think it’s gonna be really fun and exciting to work with some of the most talented people in the world. I’m loving what I’m doing, but I’m excited for when that day comes,”

Maxxine Dupri

Dupri has yet to have her main roster in ring debut confirmed, but it can be expected to come in the following weeks based off the way the storyline appears to be going.

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