IMPACT Wrestling Adds Hunter Johnston aka Delirious To Creative Team After Jimmy Jacobs Departure

IMPACT adds a new member to their creative team.

In a report from Mike Johnson of

Former Ring of Honor booker Hunter “Delirious” Johnston was officially hired by Impact as a writer and producer several weeks back, so he has been added to the creative process. D’Amore informed Impact staff and talent several weeks ago that Johnston was coming on board in the same email announcing Jacobs’ exit.
Jacobs had been with Impact for over five years and was the head of the creative process, reporting to Scott D’Amore. The belief is that his duties will be split among several members of the Impact creative team, in part to share the responsibility and not burn anyone in that division out. Jacobs’ exit from Impact was absolutely amicable and he received high marks internally for working as hard as he did during his exiting process, when the feeling was he didn’t have to, since he had his AEW position waiting for him. Jacobs officially completed his AEW deal over the weekend.
Note: I initially used the word “replaced”, meaning that Delirious has replaced Jacobs on the team. Some have incorrectly interpreted that to mean Delirious was now heading the Creative team, as Jacobs had been. That is NOT the case, nor did I ever report that was the case.

Johnston was the Head Booker for years in Ring of Honor until Tony Khan purchased the company in 2021, when Tony took over those duties himself.

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