Ethan Page Reveals Jeff Hardy Made Him Custom Arm Sleeves For AEW Dancing Segment

Recently, Ethan Page’s contract became the property of The Hardy Brothers, who are attempting to make Ethan Page a good person. This has lead to an incredibly funny segment where Jeff would attempt to teach Ethan Page his dance, gifting him arm sleeves to wear while doing so.

Speaking to VIBE 105, Page was asked what his younger self would think of teaming with The Hardys. Page would note that Jeff made the arm sleeves he wore recently.

“There are two answers to that question. There is part of me that would say, ‘Yeah, of course, because I’m going to be one of the best ever.’ Then there is the other part of me that would be like, ‘Really, those guys? The Hardy Boys? These action figures I’m playing with right now? Weird.’ That would blow my mind,” he said. “Jeff Hardy personally made me those arm sleeves that they forced me to wear on Rampage. There were wrestlers that saw him give them to me, I was annoyed, but they were like, ‘this is so cool.’ Yes, there is part of it that is incredible and I’m grateful, but I don’t need another man telling me to pull some sleeves up and look like a jackass. Double-edge sword here. Yes, childhood dreams are coming true, but they’re making me miserable.”

Why are you going to cover [this face] up? Matt Hardy owns my contract, and he wants to make money, he’s going to paint my face? It would be like letting your kid use finger paints on a Ferrari and saying that it’s going to make the car look better.”

Ethan Page

We will have to wait and see how this storyline will continue, but for now the Hardy brothers will remain in control of Ethan’s contract.

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