Isla Dawn: Alba Fyre And I Have Shown You Can Come From Scotland And That The Sky’s The Limit

The position that Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre in are a testament to the hard work they’ve put in.

Speaking with The Sunday Post, the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions expressed how rare it is for them to be in the WWE with so many other incredible Scottish talents.

“There’s five million people in Scotland, so we’re one in a million,” Dawn laughed. “It’s so out of this world, because we are such a small country and we never thought this would happen. It’s a big opportunity for us to be inspirations for people in Scotland. We’ve got the accents, but we’re on live TV Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. We’re hoping that we can show people that you can come from Scotland and the sky’s the limit. We’re testament to that.”

Alba mentioned that they were concerned their accents might hinder them.

“We always thought the accents would hold us back, but they love it here. We never thought a couple of wee lassies from Johnstone and Glesga could ever be doing this!,” she said.

The characters of Fyre and Dawn, known as ‘The Unholy Union’, draw inspiration from Scottish mythology and incorporate mystical elements. According to The Sunday Post, the duo takes pride in bringing a touch of Scotland to the ring.

“It’s been really fun,” Fyre said. “Whether it’s fully true to history or not, we’re creating a character, a story. Even the stories I thought I knew about, I’m learning so much more.”

Isla added: “It’s nice to give little nods to our heritage. I’ve always got a bit of tartan on my ring gear. It feels like we’re representing a very small place on a very big stage.”

Dawn and Fyre will face Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler in a Tag Team Title Unification match on the June 23 edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

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