Arn Anderson Says Everyone Thinks He’s Crazy After Biting Luchasaurus

Back at AEW Double Or Nothing, Arn Anderson got involved in the TNT Championship match involving Christian and Wardlow.

Speaking on his ARN podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer brought up the moment when he bit Luchasaurus in the match, to even the odds for Wardlow.

“People do think I’m nuts now. Listen, I just watched him grab Wardlow by the goozle and chokeslam him twice. Now, when he grabbed me by the throat, what do you think I thought? This is going south quickly if I don’t do something desperate,” 

Arn Anderson

Arn continued, noting that he is not trying to steal the spotlight.

“I’m not trying to be a hot dog, I’m not trying to steal the spotlight. I just know that when things have really went south and there’s a turning point, it’s like momentum in a football game or a baseball game. You can feel it switch when it does, and if it switches all the way, you know that, okay, something bad’s gonna happen, and we were teeter-tottering right there at that point in time. Hey, I’ve never bit anybody, and it wasn’t gonna be something that was preordained. Like I said, when j get scared, I get dangerous because there’s getting hurt, and there’s getting injured, and any time I am susceptible to being injured and I know that, I’m no young man anymore. So was it a wise choice? Time will tell. I don’t know. But it’s certainly getting a lot of rhetoric surrounding it,”

Arn Anderson

On Wednesday’s Dynamite, Luchasaurus and Christian took revenge on Arn for getting involved in the match, attacking Arn’s son Brock backstage.

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