IMPACT Wrestling Reveals Matches & Meet And Greet Information For Against All Odds Fallout TV Taping on 6/10

Eddie & Kazarian vs Bully Ray & Maclin

This will be very interesting to see if Eddie & Kazarian can get along to team up after having battled against each other the night before at Against All Odds.

Maclin might not still be the IMPACT World Champion following his match with one half of the Motor City Machine Guns – Alex Shelley – at Against All Odds night before.

It’s also possible that Bully Ray could be walking into this match as the #1 contender for the IMPACT World Title after taking part in a first ever 8-4-1 match the night before, in which 2 teams of 4 battle each other, and then the winning team members will battle each other in a 4 way match to name 1 single victor, and that person will get their World Title shot at IMPACT Slammiversary Pay Per View on July 15th.

OVE (Sami Callihan/Jake Crist/Madman Fulton) vs Myers & Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler)

Ove is finally back together after Jake Crist returned to at Under Siege, and then it was announced yesterday that Madman Fulton will be returning at Against All Odds to take on The Design.

The Good Hands could possibly be walking into this match as the new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions after getting a shot at the titles the night before at Against All Odds. Surely, Brian Myers will attempt to be involved in that match, and officially is part of this one.

Moose vs Rich Swann

Moose and Rich Swann will both be participating in the 8-4-1 match as well, battling to be the #1 contender for the IMPACT World Title. They’ll be on the same side at first, but possibly opposite sides of the ring later on in the match.

Killer Kelly vs Taylor Wilde

Kelly will be coming off one of the most gruesome matches and fiercest opponents of her career as she will be going through an absolute WAR with Masha Slamovich in a Dog Collar Match at Against All Odds the night before.

Taylor hasn’t been announced or anything at Against All Odds yet, so she be refreshed and getting a wounded and beaten down Killer Kelly.

Deaner vs PCO – Street Fight

Deaner will be taking part in a 6 man tag the night before at Against All Odds, leading The Design (Alan Angels & Big Kon) to a match against oVe, with a returning Madman Fulton.

PCO will be one of the participants in the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds to gain an opportunity to get back to a World Title match.

The Design (Big Kon/Alan Angels) vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey/Jonathan Gresham

The Design will be coming off a big match the night before at Against All Odds where they’ll be taking on a reformed oVe team.

Bailey and Gresham will both be taking part in the 8-4-1 match to crown a new #1 contender. They’ll be on opposite sides for that match, but it’s possible one of them could win it. They’ve recently gone through a “best of” series, in which Jonathan Gresham picked up the edge 2-1.

Mike Bailey just ran through a whole bunch of opponents in Japan as part of the Best of Super Jrs tournament, making it to the final match before losing to Master Wado.

Joe Hendry vs Yuya Uemura

Joe Hendry will be coming off of an IMPACT Digital Media Title defense the night before at Against All Odds against Dango, so it’s possible he’s not still the champion coming into this match. It’s a non-title match anyway.

So far, Yuya Uemura hasn’t been announced for anything at the Against All Odds event, so he’ll likely be fresh and waiting for Hendry.

Meet & Greets

Pre show – Death Dollz & Joe Hendry

Death Dollz (Jessicka & Courtney Rush) – haven’t yet been announced for anything at Against All Odds or the Countdown show either.

Joe Hendry – might not still have the Digital Media Title coming into this meet and greet.

Post show – Santino Marella, PCO, & MCMG

Santino – he returned at Under Siege after a brutal assault weeks prior. Santino was on the last weeks episode of IMPACTonAXSTV, and used his authority as Director of Authority to give Joe Hendry another match with Dango after finding out Dango was his assaulted from a few weeks ago.

PCO – could be coming into this meet and greet as the #1 contender to the IMPACT World Title and set for his shot at Slammiversary.

MCMG – both men could potentially be coming into this meet and greet as new champions. Alex Shelley will have taken on IMPACT World Champion Maclin the prior night at Against All Odds, and Chris Sabin will have taken on IMPACT X Division Champion Trey Miguel as well. The two men battled at Under Siege and Miguel used underhanded tactics to win the match.

Before the Bell hyping Alex Shelley vs Maclin for the IMPACT World Title:

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