Court Bauer Is Focused On Building MLW In The South And The East Coast

Court Bauer is excited to see what Major League Wrestling can do as they build themselves in the South and the East Coast.

MLW has been able to build itself up over the years with events in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, and more. Bauer has hopes that MLW will be able to extend into the south in addition to other markets within the next couple of years.

“We’re really targeting the south. We want to hit the south a bit hard in the next year or so,” said Court Bauer on The Business of the Business. “We’ve looked at going to LA, and we’ve flirted with things like that over the years. We were very close to doing some of those things. There is a lot of cost involved with that. Unless you have kind of a satellite set up over there, you’re talking about a lot of things you have to get from east coast to west coast, you figure in inflation, when you look at the margins, it’s like, ‘Ehhh, it’d be nice to go out there,’ but for business and your fiduciary responsibility to the company, it feels hard and a bit of a swing unless you really adjust ticket prices and do all of those things. Right now, we’re really focused on the south and building out the east coast.”

Major League Wrestling has had some time in the South in the past. Their relaunch event MLW One Shot was held in Florida in October 2017. MLW is also in talks about a second season after premiering on REELZ earlier this year.

h/t from Fightful.

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