Isaiah Broner Looks Back On Wrestling Minoru Suzuki And Eddie Kingston

Isaiah Broner had only great things to say about his experience in the ring with Minoru Suzuki and Eddie Kingston.

Last April, Broner faced off against Suzuki. A month later, he went against Eddie Kingston. Both Kingston and Suzuki are hard-hitting legends of the ring.

Speaking to Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds, Broner reflected on his clashes with Kingston and Suzuki.

“It was dope,” he said of facing Kingston. “In and out of the ring, he dropped a lot of knowledge on me. I learned a lot that whole day. Not just in the ring. It was amazing. I watch the match back and hear the advice he gives me, the critiques, and just watch the match back and apply it to that. It was a hell of an experience. I was looking forward to that one, and I’m really hoping, I don’t care where, we get to do it again.”

Speaking about facing Suzuki, Broner stated, “That was crazy. I was cool, up until that point, and then I got into the ring and Jake Clemons was the ref. He was like, ‘Just take it in.’ ‘I’m cool, man.’ Then, Suzuki’s music hit, and it was like a whole different experience, I can’t even explain it. I got out of the ring and just took it all in. It did so much for me and made me understand that less is more. I heard that a lot, but that match, it really settled in for me. A lot of things stuck with that match. I don’t feel we did that much, but what we did, everything made sense and everything had a purpose. That was huge and I’m so grateful and thankful for that opportunity.”

Broner also won the AIW Gauntlet for the Gold 16, which earned him a shot at Matt Cardona for the AIW Absolute Championships at AIW Absolution.

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