Evan Husney on Why There Are No Episodes Of Dark Side Of The Ring Season 4 With Mike Awesome and Scott Hall

Evan Husney discusses the upcoming season of Dark Side of the Ring and why two previously rumored episodes did not make the cut for season 4.

Dark Side of the Ring has been a VICE mainstay for several years, and season 4 will premiere on May 30. It was recently rumored that the creators of Dark Side of the Ring planned to develop an episode about Scott Hall.

Evan Husney, series co-creator, explains why the Scott Hall episode and an anticipated episode centered on Mike Awesome did not make the cut for season 4.

“Sometimes when you’re exploring a story like Mike Awesome, for example, which is a story that I’d love to be able to tell. Mike Awesome was really one of my favorite wrestlers growing up as a kid. Like, seriously, like I was a huge ECW fan growing up. We were exploring that as a potential episode. I think because of the leak, some people who are close to Mike just kind of got cold feet about what would come out and what would happen in the episode, what we’d cover, and unfortunately, the episode kind of fell through for that reason or the access to that story did

Evan Husney via The Knockturnal

Evan went on to explain why the Scott Hall episode didn’t happen for season 4.

“I would say the same story for Scott Hall in some respects, too. It was like there were some people we really wanted. It was a little bit different. Like there’s some people, we wanted to be able to tell a unique story with Scott Hall because his story has been told so many times and we wanted to find a unique angle. I think that we did. Then the people that were sort of needed for that episode didn’t quite come through. That happens a lot where we try to put these episodes together. We try to get the right voices, and if we don’t have them, we just decide not to do them because we would rather not do them than do them with the wrong voices. So the fact that it gets kind of leaked out there doesn’t help because then it creates false hope and you guys get all excited, and then we can’t deliver. So yeah, but who knows? As everybody knows, in wrestling, never say never.”

Evan Husney via The Knockturnal

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