If Asked By WWE, Konnan Says He Would Love To Work With The Latino World Order

Konnan would be more than open to lending a helping hand to the LWO.

The LWO was formed on March 31st, the same night that their leader Rey Mysterio was inducted into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame by one of his mentors, Konnan. The former WCW United States Champion would be asked if he has ever considered doing a segment with the group, this is what he said on an episode of “K100,”

“Yeah, with LWO? Yeah,” Konnan said. “They’re all my friends.”

Konnan’s relationship with the current iteration of the LWO isn’t only about friendship. At one point or another for all members, they’ve been colleagues as well.

“Every single person in the LWO except Zelina worked for me in Mexico, or worked with me,” Konnan said.

Between the members of Legado Del Fantasma, not to mention Mysterio, just about everyone involved has had links to Konnan from their days in AAA, making the decision of whether or not to do a segment with them very simple.

h/t from Wrestling Inc.

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