Charly Arnolt Says The Door Is Open For Her To Come To AEW

Charly Arnolt has a good friendship with AEW President Tony Khan.

Formerly known as Charly Caruso when she worked with WWE as an on-screen personality for seven years. She would announce her leave in March of 2021 when she took a full-time role with ESPN before leaving in April of 2023 when she joined OutKick.

Speaking with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald, Arnolt was asked if it would be safe to say she may not have ended up in WWE if she was not familiar with Tony Khan, She talked about how her connection with him had her wind up in WWE, even if the outcome wasn’t intended to happen.

Arnolt would reference the time Khan invited her to a WWE SmackDown show back in 2016, it would lead to her joining the WWE afterward. Arnolt noted that Khan has expressed interest in being on her show on OutKick in the near-future.

“Yeah, absolutely. I don’t think I would have ended up in WWE because it was never on my radar. It was never on my radar to apply to WWE. I was a fan in middle school, but I hadn’t been a fan sense. I was born in the traditional sports world, and that was the route I intended to go down. I simultaneously had a job offer to be a news anchor in Washington D.C. at a FOX-owned-and-operated station there. I happened to also then get a job offer from WWE after the introduction. I made the introduction through the time I was backstage with Tony. So yeah, the way that happened was not intended, but it was a great opportunity. I’m so thankful to have had it. In fact, Tony, since I got the job at OutKick, has already reached out to me and said he wants to be a guest on the show that’s launching this fall. So Tony is still a very close friend of mine, and love him to death,” Arnolt said.

Arnold was asked whether she had any talks about heading to AEW, she said that she felt like Tony had always kept the door wide open, explaining that she didn’t have the chance to do so many other external projects while she worked with ESPN. Now that those opportunities are possible, she may have a chance if the WWE’s deal with Endeavor could factor in due to her current work for the UFC.

“Oh yeah, absolutely. I think Tony has always left the door open there. I’ve been very just, and ESPN wasn’t so keen on letting me do other opportunities while I was under their roof. So yeah, potentially now. But then there’s also the idea of Endeavor, who owns UFC, who I already work for, now owns WWE. So listen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some type of crossover happening with another wrestling company down the road. Who’s to say, right?” Arnolt said.

It remains to be seen if Arnolt will make an appearance in the future for AEW, now that the chances for her are pretty high, it might be time for her to make the jump.

h/t from Fightful.

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