Matt Hardy Feels AEW Roster Split Could Create Competition Within AEW

Matt Hardy believes that an AEW roster split could create healthy competition within AEW, similar to WWE Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Matt Hardy debuted in AEW in early 2020 and has seen the company grow in popularity. On 5/17, AEW announced the debut of AEW Collision, a new weekly television show that will premiere on Saturday 5/17/23.

While speaking about the upcoming Saturday show’s premiere on his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy voiced his excitement for the roster to have more opportunities on a show that has equal footing to AEW’s flagship program, Wednesday Night Dynamite.

“I mean, it’s great news for AEW, obviously, because it’s going to equate to a bigger income and bigger television rights, which is going to help out the company and going to help the company grow. Also, the company has such a large roster. It’s hard to put everyone on Dynamite and Rampage, so these extra two hours are going to help all the talent find a place on the television show. I think that’s one of the biggest benefits of it by far,”

he said

When asked about the idea of a weekly primetime show on Saturday night, Matt appears very optimistic about the possibilities of wrestling on Saturday night, equating it to the quarterly WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event shows from the 1980s.

“I think a Saturday night primetime show could do well,”

he said

“I do remember, even when I was looking back at some of the history of Macho Man Randy Savage this morning while I was doing cardio, some of his moments on Saturday night’s main event, which was obviously a late Saturday night show, but man, I remember how excited myself and my brother would get to watch a Saturday night’s main event. So I hope that the Saturday night time slot can recapture some of that magic that Saturday Night’s Main Event used to have back in the day. It’s something that I really anticipated on seeing, and I really looked forward to watching. So I hope that Collision can do that.”

Part of the promotional material for the show includes the likes of Miro, Andrade, and Thunder Rosa, all talents that have been away from AEW programming for an extended period of time. Matt Hardy believes Collision and Dynamite will have separate rosters.

“My gut feeling tells me it’s going to add to the excitement, because I think it’s going to be two pretty different rosters. The shows are going to look differently. So I think we could get to a deal where the shows are going to almost compete against one another,”

Said Matt

AEW Collision has been reportedly linked to the return of CM Punk to AEW. Warner Bros. Discovery recently issued a statement saying that, at this time, he is not currently linked to the premiere of the show.

There were reports that Ace Steel had been signed by AEW weeks ago, however there has been update since.

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