A Profile of Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic

A Profile of Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic

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When it comes to UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) heavyweight champions, not many have been able to put together a resume quite like Stipe Miocic. Since his rise to the top of the MMA pack amidst a dramatic title win against Fabricio Werdum in 2016, Miocic has since become one of the most dominant fighters and legal online sport betting favorites in all combat sports. Here, we’ll profile the two-time champ, looking at his career highlights and getting a feel for what makes him so successful inside and outside The Octagon.

Introducing Stipe Miocic 

Hailing from Ohio, Miocic has quickly become one of the sport’s most respected athletes. Known for his incredible striking abilities and impressive grappling skills, Miocic boasts a professional record of 20-4. He has won the UFC Heavyweight Championship two times, making him one of just three fighters to accomplish this feat. Miocic’s dedication to his craft and hard work is evident in each of his fights, making him a formidable opponent to any opponent. 

Miocic’s unwavering commitment to his craft is what sets him apart from everyone else. From early morning runs and strength training sessions to carefully planned meals and ample rest, he understands that success in the ring requires a holistic approach to fitness. As an MMA fan or someone who is looking to learn more about the sport, Miocic is a fighter that is worth turning on the television for.

Family Life, Friendships, and Community Involvement

While he is known worldwide as a UFC heavyweight champion, he’s also a devoted family man, loyal friend, and active community member. Miocic credits his family as the driving force behind his career, saying his wife and two children, Mateo Cruz and Meelah Claire help keep things in perspective. When not training for his next fight, Stipe enjoys spending time with friends and giving back to his hometown of Euclid. From participating in charity events to visiting sick children in the hospital, he is passionate about using his platform to make a positive impact. 

Career Highlights and Notable Victories

The former heavyweight fighter’s career highlights include notable victories over some of the biggest names in the sport. Miocic has faced off against and defeated the likes of Alistair Overeem, Fabricio Werdum, and Junior dos Santos. His victory against Overeem, in particular, showcased his resilience, as he bounced back from a rocky start to ultimately knock out his opponent in the first round and defend his first UFC Championship. Miocic lost his belt in 2021 to Francis N’Gannou, but will have the opportunity to reclaim it when he faces current champion Jon Jones sometime later this year.


Stipe Miocic is a powerhouse of talent and dedication in mixed martial arts. His drive, ambition, training habits, fitness strategies, and determination to never give up are highly commendable. He has cast himself as an inspiring symbol of what can be achieved through hard work and determination, with his career highlights including many big-name victories. 

Above all else, though, Stipe’s love for family and friends shines through with his continued community involvement, often giving back to those less fortunate. Miocic is ready to put it all on the line to try and get his title back, possibly as early as this summer.