The Man vs The Woman

Let’s just say, Becky Lynch was living the high life since January and no, I’m not saying that she all of over sudden started to smoke the zaza but rather she gets to live her childhood dream by teaming up with the 2 most popular performers of the Attitude as well as the Ruthless Agression era, Lita and Trish Stratus. 

Unfortunately for the the soulless senpai, ever since Wrestlemania 39, Becky hasn’t been living that life anymore, not only did she lose her tag team champion partner in Lita due to the fact that she was laid down unconscious but also lost those women’s tag team belts to Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez 

And the one person responsible for Becky Lynch’s recent stock dropping is……………… her other tag team partner, Trish Stratus. 

A twist so shocking, not even Vince Russo can book that. 

Now, Trish Stratus, was enjoying ALL OF THIS and acted on her wishes by humiliating Becky Lynch so badly, I’m surprised she didn’t return with her old NXT gimmick as a stereotypal Irish person. 

Heel Trish is an aspect of her persona that I dearly miss. The sass, the wit and the willingness to make Becky Lynch’s life a main event of Hell In Cell 2019 type of nightmare just by her words alone. 

Here’s the thing, you can’t just say all of that and expect nothing out of it, right (aka the f*’k around and find out method)? 

After Trish trolled the fans like it’s 2005 aka the HBK Bret Hart music swerve but with Becky Lynch’s theme instead, the second time that music hit, out came the man herself and she, to quote The Street Profits, wanted THE SMOKE but fortunately for Mistratusfaction, she took a clothesline from Becky that’ll probably make JBL’s face turn red. 

Why do I think the encounter between the man and the woman will deliver? It’s rather simple, really in that the bout is a dream match to me as a fan. I don’t need to tell ya their accolades but I’ll do it away. 

Lynch is a two-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion and one-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, while Stratus is a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion. 

Both of these women are known for one singular thing, their charisma and with Trish’s return to the dark side and Becky’s quick improvisation, it’ll only make the build for the eventual bout a whole lot more enjoyable. 

This match will surely rule harder than the year 1453 and hopefully isn’t as forgettable as Trish’s match with Charlotte Flair at Summerslam 2019.