Booker T Admits Ordering Chicken Parmesan From TGI Fridays On Doordash As NXT Was Coming To An End.

Booker T confirms his DoorDash order from the NXT commentary desk on May 2.

Following NXT on May 2, a video of Booker T placing an order on DoorDash from the commentary desk at NXT went viral.

Now that Booker took care of his order, he verifies that it was indeed wonderful.

“It was the end of the show. The show was over. That had nothing to do with me. I knew I was gonna be exiting the building shortly after. I wanted my meal hot and ready to go when I got there,” 

Booker on Reality of Wrestling podcast.

“Good for Indi Hartwell. I made sure I got the last note that I had to say, which was, ‘When a man loves a woman, it’s a beautiful thing.’ That’s all I needed to say in that segment,” 

Booker on Reality of Wrestling podcast.

“The camera wasn’t on me, but I get it. You have to watch yourself at all times.”

Booker on Reality of Wrestling podcast.

The Hungry Man Dinners seem to have been devoured by Booker T. It’s a sad day. Maybe Booker can get deal with DoorDash now and talk about how it helps him “slam his hunger”.

h/t Fightful

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