Eva Marie Talks About Her First TV Run And Reveals Her Original WWE Ring Name

Eva Marie went by that name for the duration of her WWE career from the minute she appeared on WWE television. However, she admitted to “PWMania” that her original ring name was Melanie.

“That was originally what was happening, We were talking about names and things of that nature and Melania was the one that was going to be for me”

Eva Marie via PWMania

She was promoted as Eva Marie, though, for the inaugural edition of “Total Divas,” and she made her television debut by partnering with Natalya on “WWE Raw” the following night. She couldn’t use her own name, Natalie, because it would be illogical to use it with Natalya, so it was decided she would use her middle name, Eva Marie. As a result, the name stuck from that point on.

“That’s how I kind of initially got on to television. And for character-wise, I think it really, it really coincided with, obviously, the amazing WWE Universe and also Total Divas,”

Eva Marie via PWMania

“So it had, I think, a very weird combination of those kinds of mixed into the bowl.”

Eva Marie via PWMania

Marie’s first major roster tenure came to help promote the reality show that was launching at the time, however she did spend a significant amount of time valeting during that run. At the time, there was a strong emphasis on pitting the “Total Divas” cast members against the rest of the roster, but after a few years, Marie transferred to “WWE NXT” to work on her in-ring skills.

h/t Wrestling Inc

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