UFC Fighters React To WWE/UFC Merger

As UFC prepares for a big pay-per-view this Saturday, many of the fighters involved in the show responded to media questions about the UFC-WWE merger, with co-main eventer Jorge Masvidal providing the most in-depth answer to the question.

Immediately following the news of the merger, betting odds were released about which UFC fighters would eventually crossover to WWE, with Masvidal not among the 23 names listed by BetOnline.

“I love it, I think it just opens more doors for both,” Masvidal said. “Guys over there like Brock Lesnar type cases you know, my boy AJ Ferrari guys like that, and then fighters that are maybe done fighting and want to go over there and earn a paycheck. So for them to have that avenue to now be able to fight and hopefully the UFC and Endeavor can make it easy for them once they’re too old to compete … [to] go into the WWE, the right guys that can make the fit and the right girls, I love it.”

Also commenting was Masvidal’s UFC 287 opponent, Gilbert Burns, who called the sale a huge move for both companies while challenging a current WWE superstar. “I think the UFC can learn so much from the WWE and vice versa. And it’s a good opportunity to slap Brock Lesnar in the face, right? That’s a good opportunity.” 

Israel Adesanya has been a name heavily rumored to jump to WWE, making mention of the sale by simply saying he liked it.

Another fighter who chimed in on the news was the man main-eventing 287’s prelims in Kelvin Gastelum, who suggested we could see some merging in the future, bringing up the idea of Conor McGregor appearing in WWE, and the hypothetical of himself putting on a luchador mask [as he is of Mexican descent] and teaming with UFC fighter Cain Velasquez, who has wrestled in WWE in the past.

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