The Miz Shares How He Earned The Respect Of The WWE Locker Room

The only 2x Grand Slam Champion and host of WrestleMania 39 has come a long way since his debut.

In a new story by “The Athletic” about his WWE legacy and becoming a veteran in the very same locker room he was once banned from, “The Miz” passed on some advice to younger wrestlers who might one day find themselves in the same uncomfortable position he once did.

“A lot of people would tell me, ‘How come you didn’t just fight the dude who kicked you out?'” he said. “Locker rooms are about respect from your peers. If you don’t have that, fighting the locker room is not going to get it. It’s taking a slice of humble pie, figuring out what you did wrong, and making it right.”

The Miz said that he has always followed what fans said about him online, but nowadays the criticism doesn’t bother him as much -– just like how he moved past certain members of the WWE locker room kicking him out earlier in his career.

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