MVP Continues To Blast His WWE 2K23 Player Model: “It Looks Like They Put My Head On Paul Heyman’s Body

The release of WWE 2K23 has caused quite a stir in the wrestling world, with fans and wrestlers alike sharing their thoughts on the latest installment of the popular video game series.

MVP recently made it clear he was not really happy with how he looked in the game. The former United States Champion has expressed his offense at the render that has been created of him for the game. He revealed in an interview with After The Bell that the character in the game looks like his head has been put on top of Paul Heyman’s body while wearing the cheapest possible suit that could be found.

”It looks like they put my head on top of Paul Heyman’s body in the cheapest possible suit anybody could.”

“I don’t know who at 2K I upset at the WWE Games, I don’t know whose parking space I took, I don’t know whose girlfriend I may have stolen away, I don’t know. But somebody there has zero respect for me and my accomplishments,” he said. “Whoever those game developers are, they have a personal issue with me.

What WWE Games did to my rendering with that suit and tie is absolutely unspeakable,” he said. “They can write those wrongs because I’m offended, and I think the WWE Universe is offended as you can see by the feedback on social media.” 


Regardless of the reason, MVP’s reaction is a clear indication of the passion and dedication that wrestlers have for their craft, both in and out of the ring. It also highlights the importance of representation and accuracy in video games, especially when it comes to portraying real-life individuals. Only time will tell if MVP’s concerns will be addressed, but for now, his reaction has certainly added an interesting layer of drama to the release of WWE 2K23.

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