Ruby Soho Asks For Men Who Don’t Want To See Women Bleed In Wrestling To “Kindly Fu*k Off”

On the January 13th, 2021 edition of AEW Rampage, the duo of Anna Jay and Tay Melo competed against Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale. The two sides went at it in a physically tormenting street fight.

The match got brutal and as physical as it could get with blood and broken bodies all over the place. Furthermore, it showed that women in wrestling can be on par with men in any kind of contest.

However, the brutality of the AEW Rampage main event also met with profane reactions from fans who are not in favor to see women bleed. This did not sit well with Ruby Soho who decided to respond to those fans on a panel discussion featuring ECW legend Sabu, “The Deathmatch King” Matt Cardona, and AEW star Luther, on Talk is Jericho podcast.

“The response I got was very interesting to see [since] many people were upset at the fact that I was bleeding as much as I was because I’m a female. I understand if death matches aren’t your thing or hardcore matches aren’t your thing. That’s just not your style. But if you can’t come up with a reason other than the fact that I’m a woman that you don’t like that I’m bleeding, kindly f*ck off.”

“Part of it was just a lot of people being upset at women being covered in blood. I bled a lot and I was concerned that I wasn’t going to before [the match]… It didn’t make any sense to me because we do have quite a bit of blood on AEW TV. Mox bleeds all the time. A lot of people bleed all the time, but people were just up in arms about it. It upset me a lot because myself, along with the three other amazing women that were in that match, busted our asses in that match and that was what the focus was.”

Ruby Soho

Despite her frustrations, Ruby Soho is happy that a conversation has begun as a result of her bout, which she claims helped her advance to the next stage of her AEW career. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for the exciting competitor in Tony Khan’s promotion.

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