Randy Orton Called An Incredible Locker Room Leader

Randy Orton has been a fan favorite for nearly 23 years despite currently being sidelined due to an injury. His immense popularity transcends the sport of professional wrestling and has captured the attention of even those who are not avid followers of the sport. His achievements and contribution to the world of wrestling have earned him an irrefutable place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

The wrestler has been praised by many for his outstanding leadership qualities, including Big Damo, who has worked with him in the past. While speaking with, Big Damo gave massive props to Randy Orton for being an incredible locker room leader.

“Randy was an incredible locker room leader and [a] great [person] to be around because… you hear all of these stories about them and they’re just not true. He was wonderful to all of us, watching him wrestle every night on the house shows and stuff like that was ******* incredible because he’s outstanding at what he does. I think that I learned to appreciate him more the more I saw him as well because he always had great matches and everything else, but the way he took his time and orchestrated the crowd, he was literally a level above everybody. I’m hearing that he’s having back issues, I’m really hoping it’s not true because he’s maybe the most important person on that roster right now and I’m hoping that he’s able to push through it, what a worker he is. What a leader.”

Big Damo

Randy Orton’s recovery is coming along after fusion back surgery. We will have to wait and see when The Viper will be making his return to WWE television as fans certainly miss him.

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