Big Damo Isn’t Worried About A Sanity Reunion Right Now

Even though the stable seemed to have a bright future during their NXT stint, sadly they failed to capitalize on their main-roster run in 2017. Eventually, the group was disbanded after receiving a poor reaction from fans, mostly thanks to Vince McMahon’s lackluster booking.

Only Nikki Cross was able to survive in the Stamford-based promotion. Furthermore, the former Raw Women’s Champion’s husband Killian Dane, now known as the Big Damo works on the Independent circuit.

After Triple H took over the creative reins of WWE, the rumor mill started spreading about a possible Sanity reunion in the company after a recent report appeared mentioning that Eric Young was scheduled to return to WWE after leaving IMPACT Wrestling. Damo stated that he is currently focused on doing his own thing and does not wake up every morning hoping to receive a call from WWE in a recent interview with Wrestling News.

“If you do, then you do, but right now I’m focused on what I’m doing. I’m focused on Progress Wrestling, I’m focusing on everywhere I’m going because I get to choose my own path right now. I get to choose everything I want to do, that’s why I’m not beholden to anybody, except for my wife in fairness. Honestly, if it happens, you know it’d be a conversation we could have and whatever else but at the end of the day, they let me go once before.

I don’t trust them, I don’t believe… I don’t wake up every morning hoping for that call because listen, they had me there, I had the time of my life. I got to wrestle some of the best in the world, I got to travel with Eric [and Alexander Wolfe], some of the best experiences of my life. But you know, they ended that for their reasons and I’ve been able to have the time of my life this last year, so. I’ve been having the time of my life this last year. As you know, I’ve been able to say no to promoters, I’ve been able to do things that I wasn’t able to do for six years.

More importantly, I’ve been able to get back and forth to home and like the realization that everybody is getting older and those opportunities are going to come a lot less and so, being able to pick and choose my own path has been incredible. But listen, if fans are desperate to see more Sanity, then come and see us at Progress Wrestling.”

Big Damo

Damo has previously stated that after retiring from competitive wrestling, he is willing to return to WWE as a coach. Nonetheless, SAnitY indeed had potential to become a major attraction in any promotion given their skills and in-ring experience but failed to make a mark on the landscape of WWE with no signs of returning in the near future.

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