Vince McMahon Once Asked WWE Talents To Buy A Fish At 2am For An Angle

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt battled each other in a cinematic match at one point in WWE, which aired on Raw and took place at Hardy’s compound.

Unfortunately, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt simply never clicked in the way they should have and this ended up disappointing fans in a huge way. Hardy also had to become “Woken” in WWE, so they could copyright the name, since Hardy owns the Broken Universe.

While speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy revealed that Vince McMahon had other plans for the match. In fact, he asked Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt to buy a fish at 2 AM in the morning.

One of my favorite suggestions, he said, ‘I like this lake concept. I like this how it changes a character. That’s great sh*t, pal. What I could see is Bray gets knocked into the lake and then all of a sudden we have a false finish where he pops out of the lake but he’s got a fish in his mouth and then sinks back down,’” Matt recalled. “And they mentioned something about this. They said, ‘Can we get a fish?’

I’m like, dude, we’re in Cameron, North Carolina. When they’re telling me this it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. It’s not like you can just go to a Bait and Tackle store that’s open 24 hours. I don’t think we want to spend time catching a fish out by the Lake of Reincarnation either. He said, ‘Well if we can’t do it, we can’t do it, but it would be great.’

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s vision for the Broken Matt character was never fully realized in WWE. He then left WWE and made his way to AEW, where he remains an active competitor.

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