Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses Vince McMahon’s Horrible Stunner Sell At WrestleMania 38

Steve Austin has stunned the Chairman numerous times in WWE, and Vince McMahon has sold it fair after being stunned. However, last year at the WrestleMania, after getting stunned by Steve Austin, McMahon took the worst bump of all time. The Former Chairman botched the move completely, thereby failing to sell it properly.

During the recent appearance on UpUpDownDown for a 2k23 Stream, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin reflected on the corny segment involving Vince McMahon at WrestleMania last year. Austin mentioned that The Rock and Razor Ramon as the best ones to sell his finishing move. He recalled laughing after McMahon’s WrestleMania 38 botch after getting stunned, and that everyone knew how bad McMahon sold the stunner that night.

“I love the reaction that The Rock would do. Razor took a good one, but it was all like an individual thing. Vince, I mean, he wasn’t even in the top 100. That last one at 38, when we botched that one, I just got up and started laughing because when you blow something that bad, everybody knows what’s up, so you might as well let them all in right off the get go.”

“There’s been a bunch of good ones. There’s been so many. It’s hard to remember, but I just remember Rock really putting the Hollywood in it. He put the oversell into it, but that oversell matched the moment and magnified the story that we were telling. We fed off each other. We were like Frick and Frack out there.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin

There were speculations that Stone Cold Steve Austin would compete in a match at this year’s WrestleMania. However, these rumors were proved to be false when it was reported that Steve Austin had turned down offers for two matches at WrestleMania. However fans may expect Austin and McMahon to appear at this year’s WrestleMania.

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