Roxanne Perez Was Back In Training Day After Fainting Spot

The 21-year-old superstar faced Meiko Satomura at the developmental brand’s Roadblock event on March 7th, 2023, defending her NXT Women’s Title. The NXT Women’s champion retained the title after a grueling and intense match between the two. Perez’s joy, however, was short-lived when she passed out inside the ring.

Booker T, Shawn Michaels, WWE officials, medical workers, and Satomura were seen escorting her out to the ambulance while she was stretchered out of the location and taken to a medical facility. Now it is uncertain if the champion will be able to defend her title at Stand & Deliver.

 Dave Meltzer said during Wrestling Observer Live that Roxanne was back to training the very next day.

“So here’s the deal … Jacy Jayne is out of action with a shoulder injury ok … and she works the match with Gigi that wasn’t very good so ya … you can’t work a match with certain injury … but with Roxanne … she didn’t really faint … that was all fake … she worked a long match with Meiko Satamora … and the key to me is … she also was training the next day … so if she had something that might be an injury that needed to be looked at … that was well blanketed by Booker T saying that we are logger and things might not be able to get much worse or anything like that …so who knows what they are going to do …i’m still stuck on what creative could have been first when it came to this egg.”

Dave Meltzer

Multiple legends have criticized the new generation of pro-wrestler for not breaking their kayfabe on many occasions. This topic has always been debatable as new-age fans respect the wrestler’s personal choices whereas the hardcore generation of pro-wrestling fans quickly dismisses the “no-sell” of kayfabe injuries in the business.

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