Sareee & WWE

Sareee (FKA Sarray) is officially not part of WWE anymore, after 3 years her run with the biggest wrestling promotion is no short of disappointing. When Sareee joined WWE, it was exciting news for many as WWE was obviously looking to sign more joshi talent to their women’s roster, but obviously that wasn’t the case, at the end of the day.

Twitter user Puro Power made some interesting data points that showcase how bad and disappointing Sareee’s run in WWE actually was; because, one thing is saying a run was bad and other is having actual proof of this and this data is a perfect example of the mismanagement of Sareee for 3 years in WWE.

Astonishing numbers if we look them, especially her average of match time being around 5 minutes being a concerning stat or the fact she never had a chance to wrestle a match above 15 minutes. These stats don’t put Levesque and especially Shawn Michaels’ booking in a good light.

Sareee’s run in WWE could be a warning sign to joshi wrestlers wanting to make the jump to American wrestling in the future, and particular with WWE. It also doesn’t help considering WWE’s track record with Japanese wrestlers, and with the only wrestler from the land of the rising sun with a good placement in the card being Asuka.

It’s important to mentioned that Sareee recently talked about her run in WWE and only had positive things to say about WWE and the people in the PC, but nonetheless, they wasted 3 years of the career of a generational talent for nothing; and this goes back WWE signing talent just to stockpile them and preventing them for working in other promotions instead of actually using them.

The future of Sareee looks bright for her, especially considering how talented she is. There’s no doubt a lot of joshi promotions will make her offers to have Sareee’s services, and you never know, she could return to the U.S. one day with a chip on her shoulder wanting to prove WWE wrong for not showcasing her with the proper spotlight.