Bryan Danielson Says Randy Orton Is “Untouchable” When At His Best

Throughout his career, Randy Orton has faced off against numerous legendary wrestlers, among them being the former WWE Champion Bryan Danielson. The two headlined WrestleMania in a thrilling Triple Threat match alongside Batista.

While speaking with The Ringer, Bryan Danielson looked back on his matches against Orton. The American Dragon stated that he believes at his best, Randy Orton is simply untouchable.

“I would get to wrestle Randy Orton [at house shows], who might be one of my favorite people to ever wrestle, in the sense of he and I just clicked, and Randy Orton is so good.

You’re wrestling all these untelevised matches right in front of live events and … if you’re somebody who tries to continually get better, it’s a great place to hone the details … your explosiveness, of all the different things that you do. When I wrestle Randy, and when I watch Randy, and especially like, Randy at his best, I think, ‘Man, this guy is untouchable. Everything he does is perfect.’”

Bryan Danielson

Randy Orton’s recovery is coming along after fusion back surgery. We will have to wait and see when The Viper will be making his return to WWE television as fans certainly miss him.

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