Editorial: The Future of Kenny Omega

One of the most talked about subjects in wrestling right now is the future of Kenny Omega. The interesting about all this is the moving pieces surrounding Kenny Omega and how them affect his future once he becomes a free agent.

One of the first moving pieces is Kota Ibushi. The former IWGP world heavyweight champion recently became a free agent after his contract with NJPW ended, and with Kenny Omega’s contract coming to an end next year, these two factors open a Pandora’s box of speculation of speculations. It’s not a secret about the special connection the Golden Lovers have and their desire to work with each other once more and on the biggest stage possible. If Omega stays in AEW, then that opens the door for Ibushi to sign with AEW. We currently don’t know the intention of the two but there’s no doubt that this could be a factor for Omega staying with AEW or signing with another company. Ibushi for the moment is too busy working on his upcoming wrestling school and independent bookings, so any Golden Lovers reunion might have to wait.

Another two upcoming free agents that could affect Omega’s future are The Young Bucks. Just as with Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega has a special bond with The Bucks and there’s no doubt they want to keep working together. The Elite on multiple occasions have mentioned about not having much of an interest on signing with WWE but things could change, especially with how the CM Punk subject evolves in the upcoming months.

Another player on this game is NJPW. A return to Japan can’t be discarded on this case. NJPW recently lost Jay White and they still a strong foreigner in the main event scene besides Will Ospreay, and Omega could be the perfect wrestler to take that spot in NJPW. This would also allow Omega to still work with AEW and even with The Bucks in case they decide to stay in AEW.

Staying in AEW feels like the most likely thing for Omega, obviously depending on what happens with CM Punk, as mentioned before. Omega is a very important piece for AEW, not only on the main event scene but because of his involvement with the joshi wrestlers in AEW. Omega is one of the reasons AEW bets a lot on joshi talent and helped facilitated working relationships with DDT and TJPW. It’s safe to say Tony Khan will try everything he can to retain Omega’s services.

WWE is an option that is gaining momentum according to some reports and the opinions of WWE fans. WWE doesn’t seem like the right fit for Omega’s style of work, but money talks and especially in the world of wrestling. Paul Levesque really tried to recruit The Elite to WWE back in the day to prevent the creation, but obviously he failed, and now the opportunity to sign The Elite is back, but will WWE be able to allure The Elite is a question for another time.