The Dangers of Stan Culture

As the internet evolves and grow in our society, there aspects of it that are both positive and especially negative that grow as well, and one of those things are stan accounts. For those not familiar, stans are obsessive fans of any given celebrity in the world, and the wrestling industry has all types of stans in their space of the internet.

The pro-wrestling business as a whole has a ll types of stans, from the roleplaying type that pretend to be their favorite wrestler on any given app, and those whose only purpose in life is to defend their favorite wrestler no matter. There are many more types, but those two in particular are the most common in wrestling. Stan accounts also exist about any pro-wrestling promotion in the world, with the most prominent being those of WWE.

Engaging with a stan account can he like talking to a wall, no matter your argument they won’t listen to you if you are being about their favorite wrestler; the worst part comes when you engage with stans that take things too far with death threats via DM on Twitter or any other social media platform. Things can get quickly out of hands, especially when you interact with any stan of the 4 Horsewomen of WWE (Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Mone).

Th biggest problem stan accounts have is that they believe they are friends with their favorite wrestler or wrestling personality, when that’s not true at all. The unhealthy one-sided relation makes stans consider their favorite wrestler like a family member or worse, they think they are in a personal relationship with these wrestlers they haven’t met in person outside of an autograph signing or watching them perform live. We’ve seen countless time people with this behavior on Twitter in particular.

One case that needs to be mention is regarding women’s wrestling stans; these types of fans can be the worst any of women’s wrestling in the US. They like to dismiss wrestling from Japan all the time, and hate when people praise some from TJPW or STARDOM as the best women’s wrestling in the world. The worst kind of women’s wrestling stans are those obsessed with sexualizing them, and saying crude things about them on Twitter, especially those taking screenshots and talking about A or B body part of a wrestler.

While we’ve been talking about the negative aspects of stans, there positive accounts out there, those who try to showcase why they love their favorite wrestler and most importantly without insulting or sending death threats to those who don’t like their favorite wrestler. These types of accounts are very few on any social media platform.

Stan accounts have become a staple of the internet and will continue to do so until the day they have a successor to the internet. The best thing to do on social media regarding stan accounts is to not engage them, to just let them vent their obsessive takes, and move on. These accounts feed of attention, especially if the wrestler they stan acknowledges them with a like or retweet.