Bryan Danielson Wins His Way To AEW Revolution

Bryan Danielson went to war and came out on top.

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson had his final match in order to get his shot at the AEW World Champion MJF. He took on RUSH in the match and they tried every tactic to make sure Bryan lost. From locking him in the trainers room so he couldn’t make it to the ring, to attacking him at the bell when he did make it, MJF and RUSH tried their best but it wasn’t enough to keep the American Dragon down. He fought with everything he had, even spilling blood to get through the match and he did, finishing off RUSH. After the win, MJF attacked Bryan and torqued on his already injured arm while screaming that Bryan wouldn’t make it to AEW Revolution.

Will Bryan be healthy enough to battle MJF in a 60 minute iron man match at AEW Revolution?