Nick Khan Says Vince McMahon Is Ready To Sell WWE

Nick Khan truly believes Vince McMahon is back to sell WWE.

While speaking on the Bill Simmons Show, Nick Khan was asked why Vince McMahon would want to sell the company at this point. While explaining his point, Khan made it clear that he believes McMahon is ready to sell the company.

“I think he’s ready. I can’t describe it as anything more than that after the last five months. Keep in mind, you [Simmons] engage in empire building, you’re still engaged in empire building. At a certain point, it’s like, how much of this empire am I going to build? We continue to build it, he continued to build it until he stepped down five month ago. In looking at a world of consolidation, the stand alone enterprise that owns 99% of its intellectual property with the media rights coming up in October 2024, which means the process starts in a few months on that, to certainly go lock in a bunch of long-term deals, and then to try to sell to everybody doesn’t make sense. The timing is now. That’s the goal, unless one of the media conglomerates ends up buying it directly, then they certainly wouldn’t want it encumbered by any long-term media rights deals elsewhere.”

Nick Khan

It remains to be seen who will end up purchasing WWE in the end, as there are still quite a few viable options.

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