NWA COO Joe Galli Comments On Nick Aldis Leaving NWA

Nick Aldis had one hell of a career in NWA.

Nick Aldis has been a hot topic in the world of Pro Wrestling after he put in his notice to NWA, which sees him officially leave the company at the start of the new year. Many people have had a lot to say about the issues with NWA and Nick, but recently, NWA COO and lead play-by-play commentator Joe Galli sat-down with Armbars & Sidebars to discuss a number of topics about NWA and he touched on Nick Aldis stepping away and says that he feels bad with the way it ended.

You know, I think you can’t argue the important of Nick Aldis in the Lightning One era. You know, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion for 1,300 days.. had probably some of the best matches I’ve ever called, to be honest. (He) really helped elevate the brand to where we are. I really feel bad that things went the way they did. I think Billy said everything from the side of the NWA that needed to be said, he said that in a previous interview on Busted Open, people can look that up. I feel bad that it had to go down that way as well. Nick was always good to me and so I really do hope that wherever he ends up, he’s successful and continues to be “The Dealer”, “The National Treasure”. You can’t argue the talent that he brought and brings, especially from a promo perspective, a match perspective, from a physique perspective. So, honestly, I wish it would have ended differently, not so strangely, but I wish him the best. All I can imagine is he’s got something lined up, as much as we say the NWA has big plans for 2023, I’m sure he has big plans for 2023. So, you know, I wish him the best and I hope all works out for him. And I’m just sorry for the way it did, for the way it all came out. It probably just could have been handled better for everybody. But at the end of the day, Ken, you’re 100% right. The NWA, it owes a lot of the in-roads that we made early on thanks to the talent and the work that Nick Aldis put in, particularly when we go back before Powerrr, when we’re talking The Ten Pounds Of Gold, that series on YouTub helped launch things. And I’m grateful for the work that he did and everything that he put into being a world champion, the way a world champion should look.

– Joe Galli via Armbars and Sidebars

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