24/7 Championship Has Rarely Been Mentioned Since Triple H Took Over WWE Creative

The 24/7 Championship gave way to some memorable moments over the years. R-Truth holds the record for most title wins with 54. However, rumors started doing the rounds when Nikki Cross dumped the title in the trash after defeating Dana Brooke.

According to Fightful Select, while the 24/7 Title was absent from WWE television, the title was almost never mentioned in a creative sense, but allowed for some fun moments at live event shows. It was also noted that the future of the title seems to be up in the air.

The 24/7 Title hadn’t been featured for quite some time before WWE effectively retired it. Since Triple H’s regime took control of WWE, the WWE 24/7 wasn’t just put on the back burner, it was taken off the stove altogether. The title hadn’t changed hands on television at all for the first three months of the new regime, but it had still been used. The title had still been used on numerous house shows despite not being on television at all. There have been several title changes, with one spot leading to a referee winning the title before it is eventually won back by Dana Brooke.

A WWE source said that the title “was almost never mentioned in a creative sense, but allowed for some fun moments for live event shows. The future of the title seemed to be up in the air, and it wasn’t something that we heard Triple H ever talked about.

Fightful Select

While the 24/7 title contributed towards some fun moments on WWE television, many fans probably won’t miss the title if it’s retired. We will have to wait and see if Triple H decides to bring back the title at a later date.

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