Chris Jericho Recalls Trying To Kiss The Undertaker On The Lips

Chris Jericho wanted those deadman lips.

Chris Jericho has done it all in the world of pro-wrestling. Multiple time world champion throughout many companies, including being the current ROH World Champion on AEW Television. But, he’s also tried to do the unthinkable and that’s kiss the Undertaker on the lips. During an episode of his podcast Talk Is Jericho, he recalled a humorous story about trying to kiss Undertaker.

Because we were taping both shows in Tokyo, it was a rare tour that boasted both the RAW and Smackdown! rosters. The whole crew had gone out to Roppongi the night before and gotten totally shmammered. I don’t remember much about the whole evening, except for the fact that I spent a good portion of it trying to convince The Undertaker to let me kiss him on the lips. There was no way the Fonz was going to allow that to happen, but he did let me kiss him on the cheek, so it wasn’t a total wash,

– Chris Jericho via Talk Is Jericho

Well, at least he got the cheek kiss, right?

H/T RingsideNews

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