Editorial: CM Punk vs. The Elite

One of the biggest news of 2022 is everything related to the backstage altercation in All Out, with only the participants of that story knowing for sure what happened after CM Punk’s media scrum. With the return of The Elite, speculation about the future of CM Punk in AEW and Wrestling is one of the biggest and most interesting topics to discuss in the world of wrestling.

As of this writing, the future of CM Punk seems to be far away from AEW, especially due to the injury picked up at All Out but also because of the aftermath of his media scrum. The future of Punk is so cloudy right now that the possibility of him returning to WWE has gathered attention. The Elte at one point seemed to be with one foot out the door but with their return to action, any possibility of them leaving AEW is halted for now.

Last week, we saw The Elite make references to their altercation with CM Punk during their second match against Death Triangle (PAC, Rey Fenix & Penta) of their best of 7 series. The references went from Omega biting PAC (as reference to Ace Steel biting Omega) to Matt Jackson making fun of CM Punk’s botched Buckshot lariat. These reference all over social media and the speculation regarding the future of Punk intensified, as well as a new subject came in, the possibility of CM Punk and The Elite starting a program.

A CM Punk vs. The Elite would be a license to print money for AEW. The stary has gathered major attention and people want for both sides to feud too. The crowd reactions to this situation have been shocking, especially with Chicago chanting “Fuck CM Punk” last week. An astonishing rection in Chicago considering this is Punk’s hometown.

A singles match between Kenny Omega vs. CM Punk is one of the biggest matches AEW could book, if things between both sides are better. That match is probably one of the few AEW has to book that could be booked inside a large stadium and have the possibility of selling it out. Another major match could be The Elite vs. Punk & FTR. The pieces are there to book a major program.

While for some the references might’ve felt like a clue that Punk might return to AEW and start a program with The Elite, reports indicate that CM Punk wasn’t too impressed with those references made by The Elite during their match, making it clear that tension still exists between both sides.

As of this moment, CM Punk’s future seems to be out of pro-wrestling after what happened, and the reports of Punk not being too happy regarding last week’s references to the situation. For now, a program between both sides wouldn’t be possibility because of Punk injury, if we ignore that Punk feels more out than in in AEW. But one thing can’t be denied, a program between Punk and The Elite would be a major win for AEW.