Dexter Lumis Earns A WWE Contract On RAW

Dexter Lumis is finally apart of WWE.

Tonight on RAW, The Miz battled Dexter Lumis in an Anything Goes match where if Miz won, Lumis would be gone forever but if Dexter won, he would officially be signed to WWE. The Miz tried to get out of the match before it even started, but Adam Pearce put a stop to that. The match began and things went wild. Fighting around the ring, weapons being used, including Miz putting a Vice grip on Lumis’ head to no effect and much more chaos but in the end, Lumis made Miz submit. At ringside, Adam Peace gave Dexter the contract and he signed it right there and then. Lumis also received a bag of money that Miz owed him, and Dexter handed some 100 dollar bills out to kids in the crowd. Miz ended up attacking him on the ramp and taking the money back from a kid, but caught a super kick from Johnny Gargano who snuck up from behind. Johnny ended up giving the child his money back and celebrated with Lumis.

Congrats on your contract, Dexter!

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