Paul Heyman On Sami Zayn: He’s A Guy That Was Gonna Get A Guest Spot On A TV Series And He Ends Up Being Part Of The Cast

Paul Heyman joined Sami Zayn on the post-Survivor Swries press conference where he was also asked questions, one being how he see’s Sami Zayn and what about him stands out. Paul answered.

The dichotomy that he has with every member of the bloodline. How many times have you seen the bloodline, all, absolutely cannot contain a laugh in the ring when we’re in front of a sold out arena with world wide live television cameras on us? Sami brings a dynamic that none of us were prepared for and we’re prepared for everything. And, what Sami also brings is, a connection with the audience that none of us can have because we’ve been too busy being the top act in the entire industry for over two years. Sami to me, from my perspective, and from the tribal chiefs perspective, represents the member of the audience who gets his one chance to step into the ring and live out his dream and does it so well, every week, that we say “would you mind coming back next Friday? We’d love to have you as part of the act.” And that’s who Sami has become. He’s the guy that was gonna get a guest spot on a tv series and he ends up being part of the cast because he’s just so damn passionate and so good at what he does.

– Paul Heyman

Huge words from Heyman. Sami thanked him following his comments, saying that was nice.

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