Matt Hardy On WrestleCade Match With Jeff Jarrett: Someone Is Gonna Get Hurt

It’s going down tonight!

Jeff Jarrett and Matt Hardy are going one on one in a rematch from WrestleCade 2015, tonight, November 26th. The two have not been on good terms since their 2015 match, when Jeff hit Hardy with a guitar and Matt required 36 stitches. The two men currently work together in AEW but they’re finally clashing again at at WrestleCade SuperShow. While speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt discussed how the match came about and noted that he was shocked when the promoter asked, but, he accepted it.

Can  imagine the shock in my mind whenever I got a call from the booker, the promoter at WrestleCade, said ‘Hey, would you be down for wrestling Jeff Jarrett? Considering you have an open contract and you kinda laid out a challenge [for] whoever wants to face you.’ It was shocking, it was shocking to hear. I was like, ‘Of course.’ I didn’t expect that. As I said last week on the podcast, we never had a return singles match after he recklessly sliced me open with that guitar. So he had a reprieve, but this Saturday, the reprieve ends,

– Matt Hardy via The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy continued to give some insight on the relationship between the two.

Someone is gonna get hurt [in the match], for sure. We’re on a minimal interaction level. If we have to talk about something, I guess we will. But as I said, we don’t send each other Christmas cards, we don’t invite each other’s families other to Thanksgiving dinner or whatever. I’ve got a feeling, when it’s all said and done, either this match is gonna turn out really bad and controversial, which people would probably like if that happens anyway, especially if our wives are around. They’re both gonna be there, which is scary in itself. Or maybe there’s some way we come out of this with a newfound respect. I don’t know what direction it’s gonna go. The biggest thing I can say is, this match is a wildcard. I was gonna say this incident happened seven years ago, but we’ve been, probably four, five years of just not associating with each other at all. So this is gonna be really interesting to see how this match turns out,

– Matt Hardy via The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy

Co-host Jon Alba mentioned about the match possibly turning to a brawl, in which Hardy thinks it’s a possibility.

Absolutely, and it’s one of the things that weighs heavy on my mind. I just honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen when we get into that ring,

– Matt Hardy via The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy

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