Matt Cardona Willing To Pay $1000 To A Fan Who Can Chronicle His Matches

Are you up for a challenge?

Matt Cardona has been everywhere at this point. OVW, NXT, WWE, AEW, IMPACT, GCW and so many other indies, don’t forget his own FWF events. Recently, Cardona sat down for a interview with Inside The Ropes where he offered $1000 Paypal friends and family to any fan who chronicles every single one of his matches, similar to what Chris Jericho did in his book.

1500? I don’t have a lot of regrets because you can’t live in the past, but my number one regret in pro wrestling is not just keeping a notebook of every match and where it was. How easy would that have been? There’s no way to do it. I will say this, if there is a fan listening, if they can do it, and there is no way to prove it’s 100% accurate, but if they can accurately list every single match I’ve ever had, I’m talking live events, indies, whatever. I will give them $1000 PayPal, friends and family, if they can do it. I think there are going to be inaccuracies, but I would love to see people try. I will give $1000 PayPal, friends and family so there are no fees, to whoever does the best job,

– Matt Cardona via Inside The Ropes

Are you disciplined enough to get that $1000 cash? Get to work!

H/T Fightful

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