Takeshita is Finally All Elite

Last week had a lot of major news regarding the world of pro-wrestling, and one of those news was the signing of Konosuke Takeshita to AEW. After months of being part of AEW because of his excursion to AEW granted by DDT. The future of Takeshita in AEW is an interesting topic to analyze.

Sanshiro Takagi, president of DDT, gave the information on Twitter that Takeshita would still be part of DDT and that he has a dual contract with both DDT and AEW, something very similar to Kota Ibushi’s case in 2012 with both DDT and NJPW. This would allow Takeshita to still be part of his beloved DDT and grow as a wrestler with AEW.

Konosuke Takeshita has the potential to be a major star, if booked correctly, just looking at how quickly he connected with the AEW fans considering the language and cultural barriers; that shows how special Takeshita is, and how wrestling is a universal language that can play into your favor for international wrestlers, if done correctly.

The direction AEW will use Takeshita will be interesting to see in the upcoming months. The most likely thing is that AEW will give Takeshita a winning streak first on both Dark and most importantly on TV. It would help Takeshita a lot to gather as many wins on TV as possible. Getting a lot of wins on TV would give Takeshita the perception of a big star and AEW can build from that.

Being part of a group could be an interesting way for Takeshita to be part of a program and evolve as a wrestler. The problem with this idea is that there isn’t any faction in AEW right now where Takeshita would fit perfectly, as of this moment. Being part of a tag team could also be an interesting idea for his run in AEW, and there are a lot interesting wrestlers Tony Khan can pair Takeshita with.

A singles run would be perfect for Takeshita, pretty much what he was doing before signing with AEW and having awesome matches. It’s the most effective way to use Takeshita and has a proven record in fans. This would also help Takeshita to challenge for championships down the line. The All-Atlantic championship would be a great fit for Takeshita, especially since he is still part of DDT and could defend the title in Japan. A program with Samoa Joe for the TNT title would be an interesting idea.

Another option to consider for Takeshita is ROH, this could be a choice people are not thinking about and as a lot of possibilities of happening. Takeshita is a great signing for the promotion and helps on the bond both AEW and DDT have already. This could be a signing a major positive for AEW for their future.