FULL OVERDRIVE REVIEW; New X Division Champion Crowned, Bully Called His Shot for Hard To Kill, More

Countdown Match #1
Rich Swann vs Yuya Uemura vs Kenny King vs Mike Bailey vs Bhupinder Gujjar vs Jason Hotch

Yuya with some great offense, and on his birthday no less!

Hotch with a big dive through the ropes, knocking Yuya down on the outside.

Speedball hits the Ultima Weapon onto both Hotch and Gujjar from the top rope.

Swann wins with a Cutter on Hotch

Countdown Match #2
Bullet Club members Ace Austin/Chris Bey vs MCMG

1 Contender for Tag Titles

Bullet Club are out first.

Shelley and Ace go at it back and forth. Chris Bey tries to get involved and gets himself and Ace taken out by Shelley.

Shelley with the hot tag to Sabin. Sabin gets in some good offense.

Bullet Club take control. Chris Bey with some amazing athleticism as he back flips over the top rope and onto both Shelley and Sabin on the outside.

Sabin attempts the cradle shock but it fails. Shelley puts Bey into a crucifix and then Sabin slides over Shelley and rolls Bey up for the victory.


We get a great video promo to open the show.

Moose vs Bully Ray in a Tables Match kicks off OVERDRIVE main show.

Bully with a big Suplex on the floor on the outside of the ring.

Bully Ray hits his signature WWAAAASSUUUPPPP headbutt to the groin of Moose.

Moose tries to hit Bully with a hurricarana off the top rope, but Bully turns it into a Powerbomb
off the top rope.

Bully Ray spears Moose through the table for the victory.

We get a video of Frankie Kazarians wife and son coming through on Zoom for a comment on the Main Event tonight.

Says they’re at home in Canada watching because they didn’t want to be a distraction to Frankie

We go back to the ring for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Title Match

Tasha Steelz and Savannah are out first.

Taya and Jessicka use the tag and double team Savannah.

Tasha attempts a Cutter but it doesn’t work on Jessicka. Taya kicks Tasha in the head and Jessicka hits the SICK DRIVER on Tasha for the win.

Segment with Ace/Bey and MCMG backstage. They’re jabbering back and forth and then Major Players come up. They tell the Machine Guns to pull up a chair at ringside and watch the Major Players become the new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

We go back to the ring for the next match of the night. Mickie James takes on Taylor Wilde in what could be her last match ever.

Taylor proving she’s worthy of the match with Mickie.

Wilde desperately wants to be the one to end Mickies career.

Mickie hits the MICKDT for the victory. The Last Rodeo continues.

Deonna makes her way out post match with a microphone. Deonna calls Mickie a selfish bitch. She says Mickie has everybody thinking she’s here to make the company and women better, but she’s really only here for herself.

Deonna says she’s going to be the one to end Mickies career.

Bully Ray comments and says he’s watching the Main event to see how it plays out.

The next match up is for the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Heath & Rhyno defend agains the Major Players. The Major Players are out first.

Heath & Rhyno drag Cardona’s crotch into Myers head as he hangs upside down in the corner.

The Motor City Machine Guns are out on the ramp with chairs to watch the rest of the match.

The referee gets distracted and Cardona attempts to slide a chair into the ring for Myers. Sabin grabs the chair and pulls it away. Heath takes out Cardona at ringside and Rhyno hits Myers with a GORE! Rhyno covers for the pinfall and victory.

Mickie James comments on being confronted by Deonna Purrazzo.

We go backstage to Bully Ray talking to Gia Miller. He says he should go to his hotel and celebrate, but he’s going to be sitting in his locker room watching the Main Event.

Next up, we go back to the ring for Trey vs Taurus for the X Division Title.

Trey is out first.

Both men go for a dropkick at the same time and neither lands it.

Black Taurus with some incredible offense. He’s proving why he deserves to be in this match and fighting for or a title.

Great combo by Trey.

Both men giving it all for the X Division title.

Taurus hits Trey with a power slam off the top rope. Taurus goes for the cover, and Trey somehow finds a way to kick out.

Trey pretends to be hurt when Taurus rolls him back into the ring. Trey throws something to get the referees attention away from him, he sprays Taurus in the eyes with spray paint and hits WINDING SPIRAL

Backstage, the Major Players claim they got screwed. The make a point of saying that Scott better fix this situation because “IMPACT needs the Major Players.”

We go back to the ring for Jordynne Grace defending her Knockouts Title against Masha Slamovich in a Last Knockout Standing Match.

The women battle on the outside. Grace picks Masha up for a Stalling Suplex onto the mat outside the ring.

Grace continued working on the knees/leg of Masha.

Grace powerbombs Masha onto the chair.

Masha hits Grace with a fireman’s carry into a chair.

Grace sends Masha crashing down onto her neck with a VertebreakHER onto a trash can.

Grace hits Masha with the Juggernaut Muscle Buster onto/through a wooden door set up on the outside of the ring. Masha attempts get back up at the 9 count and then falls back down. Masha is down for the 10 count. Grace wins, retaining her title.

We get a video backstage of Heath and Rhyno commenting on anybody else who wants to step up to them and challenge for their Tag Titles. Rhyno says he’ll fold them in half with a GORE! GORE! GORE!

We get an amazing video package hyping the main event.

We get a backstage clip of new X Division Champion Trey Miguel commenting on doing whatever was necessary to win the match and the X Division Title. Trey says he’s not sorry and it got him the title.


IMPACT Wrestling World Title
Josh vs Kazarian

Josh starts out aggressively with the German Suplexes. Frankie puts a stop to it quickly.

Kazarian avoids a C4 Spike, but gets hit with a Butterfly Suplex instead.

Josh Alexander lands Kazarian with an amazing 10 German Suplexes.

Both men fall to the outside of the ring, right in front of Josh’s family.

Kazarian saw Josh struggling on the outside. He went to the announce table and grabbed the World Title belt, positioning himself to hit Josh with it. Josh’s wife o pleaded with Kazarian not to do it and repeatedly told him “you’re better than that”, which led to Kazarian putting the belt down and getting Josh back into the ring.

Kazarian hit Josh so hard in the mouth that his mouth guard went flying out, Kazarian then hits him with a KILLSWITCH.

Josh tries to end it with a Tombstone Piledriver, but somehow Kazarian kicks out.

Kazarian hits Josh with a SLINGSHOT CUTTER and goes for the pin. Josh kicks out after the 2 count.

Kazarian locks Josh’s arms and legs and nails him with a STYLES CLASH. Kazarian goes for the cover, but Josh gets a shoulder up after the 2 count.

Josh finally hits the C4 spike. These 2 put on an amazing match and went back and forth for nearly 40 minutes.

Frankie was upset with himself for losing, but showed ultimate respect for Josh and the phenomenal match they just had.

After Josh Alexander defeated Kazarian, Bully Ray made his way down to the ring. He congratulated Josh on an amazing match and say THAT match is what professional wrestling is all about. He also stated that he told everybody from the beginning that he’s call his shot with the trophy for a World Title shot to Josh’s face, and challenged him for the IMPACT World Title at Hard to Kill. Josh accepted the challenge.

After the match was agreed to, Josh was on the outside of the ring about to celebrate with his family that was at ringside. Bully interrupted the celebration in vicious fashion, beating Josh down, grabbing his wife and threatening to harm her if Josh didn’t hand over the World Title belt. Josh handed it over to save his wife.

Bully Ray walked away with the IMPACT World Title belt.

Matches Announced for Hard to Kill:

IMPACT Wrestling World Title
—Josh Alexander (c) vs Bully Ray

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