AEW Full Gear: Jay Lethal And Jeff Jarrett vs Darby Allin And Sting Match Result

It was showtime in New Jersey.

Before the match even began, Jarrett was accompanied to the ring by fake Stings who surround the ring. A body bag appears on the stage and Jay Lethal goes up the ramp with the fake Stings to investigate. A fog machine activates and Darby runs out from behind the fog with his skateboard and attacks the Stings and Lethal. The match began from there but did not slow down with the No DQ stipulation. Satnam Singh would get involved quickly.

Jarrett worked Darby in the ring a lot in this match. Lethal and Sting are in the crowd a lot initially before returning to the ring. The match picked up heavily in the final quarter. Darby ate a guitar shot mid Coffin Drop, but he kipped up and hulked out after. Darby and Sting teamed up to take out Satnam with a combination of their finishers. Lethal would attempt a Lethal Injection, which would fall into a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby would hit a Coffin Drop to end off the match and get the win.

You can read the full results for the show here.

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