AEW Full Gear: Death Triangle vs The Elite Trios Title Match Result

The Elite made their incredible return to AEW programming during AEW Full Gear.

Before the bell even rang, the crowd were rabid as they prepared for The Elite’s entrance. They would end up coming out to Carry On Wayward Son, a song made famous by Kansas and the Supernatural TV show. The crowd exploded when The Elite showed.

After the entrance, the action would be intense from the get go as PAC and Omega would start the match with an incredible opening sequence. Lucha Bros and The Bucks had a fun opening sequence also. During the match, PAC would suffer an unclear injury that was causing the lower part of his face to be dripping with blood. One of the biggest spots in the match was a Nick Jackson hurricanarana on Pentagon Jr to the rest of the men in the match.

Eventually, the bell hammer was brought into play, with PAC tossing it to Fenix, who refused to use it. This almost resulted in the loss. Later on, PAC would pass the hammer to Fenix, hitting Omega during an attempted One Winged Angel before rolling through for the deciding fall. Death Triangle retained their titles.

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