Iron Survivor Challenge Match Details Revealed On NXT

We now know what an Iron Survivor Challenge Match is.

Shawn Michaels has been teasing a big announcement for NXT TV and finally, he did. Early Tuesday afternoon it was revealed that WWE had trademarked “Iron Survival Challenge” with many under the belief that it had to do with Shawn Michaels NXT announcement and it sure was. Shawn Michaels made an appearance on NXT TV to announce that a new match type, The Iron Survivor Challenge, will be coming to NXT. The match was described as five competitors and a 25-minute time limit. Two competitors will start the match and a new competitor will enter every 5 minutes, the object of the match is to have the most points before the end of the time limit. Points can be earned by pinfall, submission, or disqualification. Whoever loses a fall must spend 90 seconds in a penalty box as punishment. 

There will be a Men’s and Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Matches at NXT Takeover Deadline and the winners of each will be the number one contenders for the Men’s and Women’s NXT titles.

Competitors for the matches will be announced in the coming weeks on NXT TV. 

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