Saraya Was Surprised That AEW Didn’t Want A Cut Of Her Outside Ventures

Saraya is shocked.

Saraya, Formerly Known As Paige, was a WWE Superstar and the youngest Divas Champion with an illustrious career before she was forced to retire due to injury. But, after lots of hard work and rehab, Saraya is back and is now with All Elite Wrestling. Recently, she sat down with Chris Van Vliet on Insightwhere she talked about being signed with AEW and how she was shocked that AEW refused to take a cut from her outside ventures, since she was  accustomed to WWE taking a cut from each of her outside projects.

I want to be able to branch out and do other things. And so with AEW and Tony, they were just like you can go do whatever you want as long as you come to work, we’ll be happy. And then if I have to do any TV stuff, of course I would ask them or tell them what I’m gonna do and what the ins and outs of it is, But they’re always going to be like you can do whatever you want and we don’t want a percentage of it either which I thought was like a big deal. I was like, you don’t want to take something away from me and you don’t want to take my Twitch away? Fantastic ! Because that was such a big deal in WWE, not with Triple H, because Hunter let NXT people keep their twitch. It was the main roster that kind of got taken away and then Thea lost her job over it at one point and then she got rehired again.

– Saraya via Insight

Saraya continued by talking about how much she loves the creative freedom and how she can express herself.

Yeah and so I just I just didn’t want that to happen again where opportunities got taken away from me or I wasn’t allowed to do something one week or the other which I do trust Hunter with, but you just never know I don’t know who this other boss is now. Nick, right I’m not familiar with him so that kind of like made me a little bit skeptical to it that’s the only thing because with Hunter if it was just Hunter I’d be like you know like I trust you but Tony just like made it so easy for me and he was just like we’ll do as much as you want to do too within AEW. You get to make the rules on what you can and can’t do and I’m just like I love that ! Like to be in my getting to be Saraya and having control of my life I’m like I haven’t had that feeling for a long time

– Saraya via Insight

Saraya has an upcoming match at AEW’s Full Gear Pay-Per-View against Britt Baker. 

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