Lady Frost Comments On Her IMPACT Wrestling Departure

Lady Frost is gone from IMPACT Wrestling.

Lady Frost made her IMPACT Wrestling in July 2021. But now, after asking for her release in June, she is back to being a free agent. Recently, Lady Frost sat down to speak with Cultaholic where she was asked whether IMPACT could have offered her anything in order to change her mind. In answered by she emphasizing that her top priority is to be happy and make sure that she can be a good wife, mother, daughter, and friend in her personal life.

I don’t know. I think that was a very broad tweet. I wouldn’t like to pin it anywhere, but I think in life, everyone changes perspectives at some point and often about whatever it may be. I think that’s okay. It should be okay for people to realize different things, come to different conclusions. I think maybe we’ve all been in a bad relationship too long or that you wanted to hold on to or fix things, or you thought it was gonna be a certain way and it wasn’t. That’s no blame to any side, person, anything. But I am not a spry young chicken. I’m not a teenager, so I think once we realize time is of the essence, it plays a different factor, I think. I just want to be happy. That’s my top priority in life, is to be happy, and if I can’t come home and be a good wife, and a good mother, and a good friend and a good daughter, what am I doing? No money, no television, no anything is worth not being okay inside. That was my primary concern pretty much with life, and that’s why I got to a point where wrestling doesn’t matte if I can’t be insert-shoot-name-here, if I can’t be me. That’s the top priority,

– Lady Frost via Cultaholic

Frost was then asked about any fond memories she has of IMPACT, to which she responded with a specific match.

It’s definitely the women’s’ first Ultimate X match. I went in wanting to be in, just first female ever in an Ultimate X match. They were like, actually, we’re gonna have an all-women’s-match. So that was a really big deal. It was making history. It was something that I had my heart set on, and I think that moment, that rush of climbing that structure and moonsaulting off of it, can’t really replace that. That’s a good one,

– Lady Frost via Cultaholic

Lady Frost continued on to speak about being a free agent, which she really enjoys.

I do [enjoy being a free agent]. We had still had freedom before, but I think there’s a certain appeal after you’ve been on television a bit and you’re a little more recognized, I think you wanna get out and just do everything that you can do, whatever weekends that you want and stay for a week or two weeks or a month. Yeah, freedom is always nice,

– Lady Frost via Cultaholic

Now that she’s a free agent, you can catch Lady Frost in all different types of promotions across the world. Recently, she competed for CMLL in Mexico. 

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