Sammy Guevara Calls Out Deji For A Boxing Match

Do you want to see Sammy Guevara box?

Today, Floyd Mayweather is boxing Deji, a popular Youtuber turned boxer in an exhibition match under the Global Titans Fight Series banner. Pro-wrestler, Bobby Fish was on this card in a boxing match and fellow pro-wrestler and current AEW Star, Sammy Guevara, is on commentary and hosting duties for the event. Before the main event goes down, the hosts were talking about the main event when Sammy called out Deji for a boxing match. Yes, not a joke. Sammy says he would step into the ring and says he’d like to fight Deji in March “after you get your ass beat tonight!”

Sammy is already predicting a loss for Deji before the fight even happens and then would like to fight Deji for his first ever pro-fight. What do you think? Would you like to see Sammy Guevara step into the boxing ring? Crazier things have happened! When he asked the crowd if they wanted to see him box, he got no response.

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