WWE & Forbidden Doors

With Shinsuke Nakamura wrestling on NOAH and Karl Anderson as NEVER Openweight champion and the possibility of him wrestling for NJPW shows; It all looks like WWE could be interested in opening forbidden doors with other promotions.

Historically, WWE has never been able to work long term with another promotion. Every time WWE worked with a promotion it had the goal to further the WWE agenda, especially nowadays with the case of WWE and the British scene and how created NXT UK and the downfall of the scene for the next few years. All this was under the reign of Vince McMahon, but is Triple H any different from his father-in-law is the question we’ll try to answer.

Back in January of 2022, it all seemed like WWE and IMPACT would have an agreement when we saw the announcement of Micke James being part of the Royal Rumble, but after that took place, WWE and IMPACT never really did much together. This could be considered as the start of WWE considering working with other promotions; and with Triple H taking over from Vince McMahon, the possibility of WWE working with others looked more possible than before.

Triple H does have experience with other promotions, with the best-known example being the relationship between Evolve and NXT; as well as NXT UK and the relationships they with promotions from the U.K. and all over Europe. Triple H does have the experience of working with another promotion, but these relationships were one-sided and only benefited WWE at the end. To work with a major company, it needs to benefit both sides at the end.

Triple H in the past mentioned he was interested in working with other promotions, but he did say this just after the announcement that both AEW and NJPW had finally decided to open their forbidden door; and nothing really came of Triple H’s words about this, but now the door could be opening soon, and to more promotions down the line.

The opening of forbidden doors for WWE could be part to help their local localization plans quicker than before. Having working partners in Japan and Mexico could be smart way to jump-start the NXT versions that Triple H had originally planned for both countries. What the deals would be for these relationships to happen is a topic for another time.

A topic that had come up regarding WWE maybe opening their doors is AEW and the possibility of the two biggest promotions in the United States working together, and the answer is no. WWE and Triple H still see AEW as a direct competitor and there’s no way both promotions would work in a short term due to the recent events of Triple H contacting AEW contracted wrestlers to try them to lure them away. Another factor that makes this unlikely is the fact Triple H still hasn’t forgotten of the Wednesday Night Wars and how he lost that war to AEW. So, at the end this is very unlikely to happen.

Only time will tell regarding the fact if WWE really wants to open the so call forbidden doors. If they do, this could open a world of possibilities to WWE and what they could do, but nothing is confirmed right now.