Top AEW Star Matt Hardy Talks “Broken” Character

Matt Hardy debuted with AEW in 2020, and immediately brought in his “Broken Matt” character. Unfortunately, the crowd feeding off the character is a big part of the gimmick, and we were going through a pandemic so there were no fans to perform in front of.

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy says that there’s always a chance that fans will see the broken character again and says that his current situation with The Firm in AEW may lead to him being broken once more.

“I think there’s a chance it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It could definitely happen, we’ll see. It’s going to be really interesting to see how this scenario, with myself in The Firm, ends up playing out. Let it play out. Who knows this might lead to me being broken.”

Furthermore, Matt Hardy once again stressed the importance of reinvention.

“I mean, you always gotta evolve. You always gotta freshen up. I mean, you just can’t give — you can’t do reruns. Much like how professional wrestling is 52 weeks a year, new, first-content. We don’t do reruns in wrestling, you always have to move the story forward. You always have to evolve and the same thing goes when you revisit a different character.”

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The “Broken” character was born when Matt and Jeff Hardy were in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. Matt and Jeff had a bitter rivalry and Jeff won a very violent match between the two, with what was thought as a career-ending injury. It ended up being career-altering instead.

The loss had Matt rethinking his whole life and gimmick, and started legitimately “losing his mind”, or “Broken”.

The character was very well received and eventually led to Jeff turning into a good guy (face), and Matt teamed up with Jeff and went on a “Quest for the gold”. They were the TNA Tag Team Champions, and went around to some other smaller promotions where they won the tag team titles and added to their collection.

Timing wasn’t on Matt’s side when he first debuted in AEW, but many fans would love to see Matt bring back the “Broken” gimmick now that fans are back to enjoy it.

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