Former IMPACT Wrestling Talent Sam Beale Talks Putting Pressure On Himself During His Run With the Company

Sam Beale joined IMPACT Wrestling 2021, appearing semi-regularly on television throughout the year.

Speaking on the 3 Count podcast, Beale discussed the pressure of being on IMPACT television.

“Every single time I worked TV, you always feel the pressure. Feeling the eyes on you, everybody is watching you, you’re the center of attention. You’ve never been there before. You being the center of attention of a big audience is nerve-wracking. I would be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t feel pressure every single time to go be larger than life. There was always pressure. It was a little bit more upon myself than it was anybody else just because I hold myself to a high standard. I would go each time, and every time I would get asked back to IMPACT, I’d put pressure on myself to be the match of the night or to be the best thing that has ever happened to IMPACT. That’s just unrealistic to live up to in the role I was given. I look back and that’s something I learned looking back in my time with IMPACT. I needed to relieve a little more stress for myself. Stress, pressure. I needed to relieve self-pressure and self-stress because that was ultimately the real reason that held me back when I was on there. I look back now and I’m thankful that I learned that because I feel pressure and stress every time I go through the curtain, but it’s almost like a switch flips every single time I perform whether it’s 15 fans or 15,000 fans. That switch, it flips, and I’m zeroed in on doing what I’m capable of doing,” he said.

Sam was part of the Brian Myers “learning tree”, where Myers took a bunch of what he viewed as lesser talent under his wing to teach them and to help them get better.

Beale last wrestled on the November 18, 2021 episode of Before The IMPACT, where he lost to his former Learning Tree teacher, Brian Myers.

Beale was then brutally assaulted after the match by Myers with a steel chair, and hasn’t been seen on IMPACT TV since then.

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